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Transport Savings

Read how Cost Map saved money moving body parts! I suppose we should clarify a couple of things, we were working for a healthcare company and the body parts were made from titanium and various complex polymers. This case study shows the close relationship between packaging and transport costs. It also dispels the myth that you have to...

Linen Costs

It may cost €10,000 to get a super model out of bed…  Well it may cost a lot more to keep her there!  If you run a hotel you know all about linen costs. Bed linen, towels and table cloths are also one of the major expenditures for hospitals and nursing homes. Most organisations outsource the...

Bank Revenue

Believe it or not a good bank can actually help your company! Most of our clients however have become disillusioned and feel their banks are not looking after their best interests… pardon the pun.  This however is a good news story that will show you how to generate “bank revenue” and not just pay “bank...

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